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Return Policy - 7 Day Return

Only qualifying items that are in like-new condition may be returned. Purchaser must provide receipt. Packaging and contents must be undamaged, i.e. no stains, writing or other signs of use. Sealed items, i.e. boxed CPU's & shrink-wrapped parts, will be refunded without a restock fee. Without exception, all other parts will be charged a 10% restock fee. All or a portion of the restock fee may be waived when purchasing additional parts, or, if the refund is put on account toward future purchases. Motherboards, Special Order items and custom computer purchases do not qualify for returns! Under no circumstances is a part returnable that has any physical damage! A motherboard may be upgraded to another motherboard providing there is no damage to the motherboard, packaging, manual, and contents.

NOTE - If a custom computer purchase does not meet to your performance expectations, we will substitute part(s) to a higher quality part whereby you pay any difference in parts prices at current prices, and, pay any applicable installation charge.


30 Day Warranty

Defective parts (excluding Monitors, Printers, Scanners, and Special Order items) will be exchanged for the exact item & model only if there is no physical damage to the component. Continued problems with an exchanged part will require a Gizmobyte Technician to verify the part is damaged before another replacement is allowed. There will be a $30 charge if it is determined that the exchanged part was not defective - allow up to 4 days for testing! Damage to packaged items will be charged a 15% exchange fee. Discontinued items and Special Order items will not be exchanged but rather be returned at no charge to the distributor - allow 6 to 8 weeks for replacement. Under no circumstances will we exchange parts that have any physical damage!

1 to 6 Month Warranty

Gizmobyte will return the defective part (excluding Monitors, Printers, OEM CPU's (non-boxed), and Scanners) for a cost of $15 for items smaller than 1cubed foot and $25 for items larger than cubed foot, i.e. monitor. Original Sales receipt must be submitted when warranty replacement is needed. Any evidence of physical damage, i.e. broken parts / electrical burns, will void the warranty! The expected turnaround time to receive your item(s) back are 6 to 8 weeks due to manufacturer and distributor delays in handling. No refunds if distributor / manufacturer rejects the product for warranty for any reason.

Gizmobyte is not responsible for any lost data that may occur due to a defective part, i.e. harddrive failure. Be sure to back-up data on a regular basis!

The terms of the return policy and warranty are subject to change without notice!

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