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Small Business Services  
Backup Solutions

Will your business be able to function if you loose your primary computer? There are many risks that can compromise your data; such as power surges, disk failure, theft / fire. We will help you identify the risks and implement a solution that will allow your business to continue should disaster strike.

Data Recovery *

A key to succesful data recovery is to protect the affected media from further damage. Immediately discontinue use of any hard drive, tape, or disk that has important data on it. In-shop data recovery can run from $40 to $500.

Drive reconstruction or rebuilding failed RAID drives require a "clean room" which is why we partner with the world's largest data recovery company. Fees for this level of recovery are generally $800 to $5000.00. A quote will be given with an approximate percentage of date recovery.


Networking - Wireless or Wired

Is your business outgrowing its Peer-to-Peer setup and now needing a server? Looking for a more organized approach for data storage, backup, shared applications, VOIP, multiple locations, we can help!


Onsite Support

We have techs that can provide suppport for just about any circumstances. We can be onsite within a few hours or schedule in an appointment at your convience.Hourly rate dependent on level of expertise required!

$70hr scheduled rate - $95/hr priority rate


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