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Wireless Products
Antenna | CNVi - compatible motherboard required | Outdoor | PCI - PCIe | Router | USB
Antenna & CablePriceQuantity
9dBi WiFi Booster SMA OMNI-Directional High-Gain Screw-On Swivel Antenna $20.00 1
Antenna cable, 7', RP-SMA female to RJ-SMA female connector. $20.00 1
Antenna: 3db, RP-SMA Male (inside threads with center hole) $5.00 4
CNVi - compatible motherboard requiredPriceQuantity
CNVi 2x2 802.11ac 160MHz dual band WiFi & Bluetooth 5.0 module $45.00 0
Outdoor - designed for outdoor use.PriceQuantity
EnGenius EAG-2408 Outdoor 2.4GHz 8dBi Omni Antenna with N-Female. The 2.4GHz Omni-Directional Outdoor Antenna, EAG-2408, is designed to provide increased coverage for existing 802.11b or 802.11g networks. The EAG-2408 offers 360 degree of expanded coverage, effectively improving data throughput at farther distances. The EnGenius EAG-2408 also helps to improve signal quality and to reduce dead spots for your wireless network. $55.00 1
TRENDnet 26.3 ft. LMR200 Reverse SMA to N-Type Cable Model TEW-L208 $45.00 1
TRENDnet TEW-AO14D 14 dBi Outdoor High-Gain Directional Antenna $79.00 1
Ubiquiti Unifi Mesh UAP-AC-M-US Outdoor Wifi Access Point 2.4GHz & 5GHz. High-performance, outdoor, 2x2 MIMO, 802.11AC dual-band access point, capable of speeds of up to 1167 Mbps. It features two RP-SMA connectors, which can be used with the included dual-band omni-directional antennas, or with an optional connectorized dual-band antenna for customized pattern shaping. Unifi Controller Software allows for easy customization. Powered by 24V passive PoE. Range of up to 600 feet. SALE!
PCI - PCIe - internal cardsPriceQuantity
PCIe x1: Wireless 6E PCIe Adapter with Two 5 dBi antennas, supports 6Ghz at 1200Mbps, 5Ghz @ 1200Mbps, 2.4Ghz at 574Mbps (depending on router / internet provider), IEEE 802.11ax/ac/a/b/g/n (requires compatible router), Bluetooth requires USB 2.0 connection. $49.00 2
PCIe x1: Wireless ac/a/b/g/n Adapter with Two 2 detachable 6 dBi antennas, Dual band 2.4Ghz (up to 300mb) and 5Ghz (up to 867mb). Includes Bluetooth 4.2 & USB cable (requires USB connection on motherboard for Bluetooth). $45.00 1
Router , Access Point, ExtenderPriceQuantity
Asus AC1300 Gigabit Wireless Router, 2.4GHz (400Mbps)and 5GHz (867Mbps) bands speed up to 1.267Gbps total available bandwidth, 4 Gigabit Ports, 802.11ac/n/g support, USB 3.0 Port to share external drives with network. Includes 4 5dBi antennas for improved range. $90.00 1
2.4Ghz & 5Ghz Dual Band WiFi Range Extender, useful to extend your WiFi. Ideally setup as Access Point for best throughput by using a Powerline Adapter. $35.00 1
Router / AP / Repeater - 802.11b/g/n, upto 300bps, 4 LAN Ports, 2 5dBI antennas, $35.00 0
USB - Wireless DevicesPriceQuantity
Dual band 2.4ghz ( b/g/n) & 5ghz (a/n/ac) 1200Mbps Wireless USB 3.0 Adapter, (2.4G 300Mbps / 5.8G 867Mbps), 2dBi detachable omni-directional antenna , brand varies. Windows & Mac compatible. Photo may not match item in stock. $35.00 1
Mini USB Dual band 2.4ghz ( b/g/n) & 5ghz (a/n/ac) 600Mbps & Bluetooth 4.2 Wireless Adapter, AC600Mps (2.4G 150M / 5.8G 433M), brand varies. Photo may not match item in stock. $39.00 2
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