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Custom Computer Configurator
Welcome to the Custom Computer Configurator!

To use, simply choose a predefined system below and click on it to customize to your preference!
Once complete "Click to Save" your quote which will be emailed to you in a PDF format.  Enter in a name for the computer, your name, email, and phone number and click on SAVE once (it will take a few moments, be patient).
(No information will be distributed and no calls/spam will be created.)
Prior to ordering we will discuss your quote to ensure it best meets your requirement.  Assembly and availability of the system will range from 3 days to 10 days depending on parts availibilty.  A minimal non-refundable 10% deposit is required prior to ordering a computer.

If you would like to look up a previous quote please click here.

Enter the following information to look up a previous made quote.
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The Gizmobyte Advantage!
Compare reasons below of why its the right choice
to buy your next computer from Gizmobyte!

  Gizmobyte Brand names (Dell / HP / Compaq)
Is technical support local? YES NO - technical support for brand names like Dell are handled out of India call centers, or, third party support contracts. Getting through to someone on the phone can take awhile, hold times are long, and english is often hard to understand.
Does the computer come with a Windows CD for reinstallation? YES NO - often required to create your own restore CD.
Does the computer have all of the latest security updates installed for Windows and MS Office (if installed)? YES NO - may be many months out-of-date which could allow the computer to be infected, and, may require many hours of downloads if on a slow internet connection.
Does system use proprietary parts which can be more expensive or hard to find? NO YES - cases / power supplies / motherboards are often non-standard, and next to impossible to locate making repairs more expensive, if even possible.
Does the computer include the ability to add in a faster PCI-Express video card? YES MAYBE - the lower priced systems with built-in graphics often do not have an expansion slot so adding in a faster gaming card is severly limited or impossible.
Is system preloaded with unnecessary software? NO YES - often included multiple trial software packages which hog system resources.
What costs may be involved if a computer fails during warranty? None Shipping charges may apply to return defective computer to repair center.
If Windows needs to be reinstalled due to corruption, is the data recoverable? YES - charge may apply NO - call center support personnel's only option is to restore Windows and over-write all data.
How configurable can the system be? Any way needed! LIMITED - for instance, may not have any options for adding in a gaming video card.
Knowledgable Sales Staff YES MAYBE - Big box stores often hire inexperienced sales reps that lack in-depth computer experience and often give poor or misguided advise.
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